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Big Brother

"Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force.
 Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master."

- George Washington 

RFID Chiprfid babyRFID Dime

Everything You Didn't Know About The Dangers of RFID explains it all.

What Is "RFID" or Radio Frequency Identification?
The "mark of the beast".

Why Are There RFID's In The Passports?  
The control of the traveling masses.

There Is A Lot Of Talk About A "National" Identification Card
The federal identification system.

Now That The National ID Failed, Whats An Enhanced Drivers Licence?
The back-up to the National ID.

Who Owns The Traffic Cameras That Are Everywhere?
And why is it a private company that owns and runs them?

The Council on Biological Diversity
The Population reduction of the earth of 95%.

What is Echelon? And Why Are They Listening To Me.
The justifcation to spying on the U.S. people.

Echelon, Project Minaret/Shamrock, NSA Wiretapping, And Cointellpro
How they are spying on you.

The War On Drugs, Prohibition, Again, never works.
Another reason to jail americans and make record profits with criminals.

The War On Terrorism Is The War On You. 
A prohibition of freedom.

The True Meaning Behind Gun Bans
The way to quell the dissent of the U.S. people and dominate them.

Operation Mockingbird
The project to repeat the rhetoric the government wants you to think.

The Many Forms Of Cointelpro
How you are being co-opted.

More on Big Brother is comming.