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September 11th, 2001

”Let us never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories concerning the attacks of September the 11th;
 malicious lies that attempt to shift the blame away from the terrorists, themselves, away from the guilty.”

- George W. Bush

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A few things to look up that pertain to 9-11

WTC7   The Least Talked About Tower That Fell On 9-11
The building collapse that even N.I.S.T. couldn't explain.

The Project For A New American Century, 2000
 "A New Pearl Harbor Is Needed"
 Alt Link
The need for a war in the middle east caused by a "Pearl Harbor" event.

Operation Northwoods: A 1962 pretense to invoke a war with Cuba
 by using "False Flag Terrorism."
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An operation in the early 60's to stage "False Flag Terrorism" to blame on Cuba.

The 19 Hijackers
Lets look at the government's suspects.

911 Summary.Com
More details into the 911 commision.

The Highjacker's Training at US Flight Schools
Why were they trained on american bases?

The Evidence to Highjacking
The highjackers and "the plan".

The Order To Invade Afganistan, The Culprit
Why were the orders made prior to 9-11?

Iraq, The (other) Culprit
Why did we invade when there were no W.M.D.'s and Al Queda was afraid of Saddam.

Al Qaeda: The Coup or Culprit
The C.I.A. founded group from the 70's is to blame?

Osama Bin Laden, The Muslim Extremist and CIA Operative
Hired by the C.I.A. in 1979 to combat Russia and conduct terrorist activities.

"Omar Sheikh killed Osama Bin Laden" says Pakistani Prime Minister
One of the last interviews that the Prime Minister made before her untimely death.

The Construction of the Towers
"They could take the impact of two 707 airliners." Frank A. DeMartini, WTC construction and project manager.

Newton's Law of Gravity
The law of gravity.

The Many N.I.S.T. Reports
The many attempts to explain WTC7.

The Many Military Drills on 9-11
How many different drills were they running on that fatefull day?

Thermite and Thermate
What is the difference and how do they they tie to 9-11?

The Fake Bin Laden Tapes
What makes them fake?

Who Builds The American Bases In The Middle East?
Is it one company, and why are they exclusive?

The Bush-Bin Laden Family Connections
The two families don't really coincide do they?

The Saudi Arabian Connection
Where were the highjackers from?

The Pakistani I.S.I. Connection
$100,000 was paid to whom?

See What The Architect And Engineering Experts, PilotsFirefighters,  And Scholars Have To Say
What makes them experts?

Watch BBC Report WTC7 Falling 26 Minutes before it collapsed
This is just a happenstance, right?

Cheney's Stand Down Order: Norman Mineta's Testimony
The Sec. of Transportation's testimony about 9-11

Bush's Fishy Account Of That Day
What does the president remember?